Exercise Journal – May/June 2010 – Week 4

Oh heyyyyy! It’s week 4 already! This is great! This week I am going to focus on engaging my core during my exercises as thus far I’ve been a bit of a floppy belly when it comes to working out with good form. Also going to be more aware of slouching, and making an effort to move with an aligned spine.

Sunday May 30th – Day 22 – Hot Yoga

  1. 75 mins Hot Yoga
  • The Good: Got a coupon in the mail for a free Hot Yoga class at the new GoodLife Fitness on North Road and Cameron in Burnaby, so I decided to try it out. Every other time I’ve done hot yoga I’ve felt rather faint, seeing stars and feeling the world fade to black whilst holding the asanas…in other words, not good. I think it must’ve been due to going from zero exercise to hot yoga…and my body couldn’t take it. This time, i’m a bit more in shape, and didn’t feel like blacking out even once during the session – good! I did, however, feel a bit weak towards the end of the class, and the instructor mentioned that it might be due to loss of electrolytes, especially if you sweat a lot, and that it might be worth adding an electrolyte solution to my water for next time to see if it helps. Overall, it was a great hot yoga class (the room was full to the max – i think a lot of people were using the coupon!), and the instructor, Linda, was also great.
  • The Bad: I really don’t think hot yoga’s my thing. For now, it’s still a little too tough for my fitness level…and just not…fun enough to justify spending $15 per class. But it’s definitely a good workout for those who enjoy it!
  • The Ugly: I took an Advil before the class because I know from previous experience that exercise (and especially hot yoga) gives me headaches. I still got a minor post-exercise headache and a general feeling of malaise and grumpiness, but more ugly was that I ended up sleeping much of the day afterwards…and it wasn’t even good sleep…it was this fitful restless daytime sleep that was really, just sort of awful and made me more tired. Was it the hotness of the yoga? I think it might be, because normal yoga (eg. vinyasa) has a really refreshing effect on me. I think I like warm yoga best – where the room’s not icy cold, so you feel really pleasantly relaxed, and it’s warm enough that your muscles and joints don’t resist being stretched and opened a little. Where can I find this warm yoga?!

Monday May 31th – Day 23 – The 5pm Wall

  1. 16 mins erg
  2. 25 mins recumbent bike
  • The Good: Not a fan of exercising in the evening…but I made it to the gym!
  • The Bad: Really need to stop procrastinating on weekend homework – didn’t make it to rowing practice this morning, both because I was struggling to finish my weekend homework load and because I was fighting some unexplained serious nausea overnight. ick.

Tuesday June 1st – Day 24 – JUUUUUNE!

  1. 3×10′ erg @ 28spm
  2. 3×50 leg presses @ 75lbs
  • The Good: It’s way more bearable when erging with teammates!

Wednesday June 2nd – Day 25 – My Abs Are Hiding

  1. 3×10′ erg @ 26spm
  2. 35′ recumbent bike
  3. Abs – bicycle, windshield wipers, oblique machine
  • The Good: Erged with a teammate again today which makes the time pass so much more quickly for some reason. Super! Erging is such great exercise in terms of efficiency – you burn 100+ calories in 10 minutes, (I burned 130+ in my last set today) and it builds muscle strength as well as working out your heart. Made an effort to do at least a few ab exercises today, because…well…i hate ab exercises, but you have to start somewhere, sometime…and today is a good a day as any.

Thursday June 3rd – Day 26 – Second Hand Smoke

  1. 60′ rowing practice at Burnaby Lake – doubles sculling stroke seat
  2. 30′ recumbent bike
  3. 2×60 leg presses @75lbs (ran out of time for 3rd set)
  • The Bad: Felt really sick last night from second hand smoke after visiting a friend who smokes a lot of pot and cigarettes. Since I’m just one of THOSE people who is sensitive to smoke (i know, total party pooper) next time I just won’t be embarassed about needing to sit by the open window all night. Fought a headache and nausea through the night, and didn’t have a great row in the morning. Just felt so tired…and my hamstrings were cranky.
  • The Good: I FEEL LIKE EXERCISING because I feel certifiably gross. So I will.

Friday June 4th – Day 27 – Apparently I Need Sleep

  1. 60′ rowing practice at Burnaby Lake – doubles sculling stroke seat
  2. 35′ recumbent bike
  • The Funny: After going biking at the gym I totally fell asleep trying to read my semantics textbook. Woke up and hour later having apparently slept on my left eye. Tee hee…I was seeing black out of it and it felt misshapen in my eye socket. So weird.

Saturday June 5th – Day 28 – REST!

  1. REST! Didn’t take a break last weekend, so I’m going to take this weekend off.
  2. Skated around Burnaby Lake rink a bit – the team Steve was supposed to play roller hockey against forfeited, so we had the rink to ourselves for over an hour. I brought my blades and timidly skated around. Not much of a workout, but it’s towards being able to fearlessly rollerblade the seawall one day.

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