Feb 24, 2012 – How Much Do You Love Me?

When I get all sorts of intensely angsty and emotional and what-am-i-doing-with-my-life-i-am-useless for no reason other than oh hai, TOM, Steve sets my head on straight:

B: “How much do you love me?”
S: “Twenty.”


S: “If money didn’t exist, what would you be doing?”
B: “I dunno…”
S: “Would you be doing what you’re doing now?”
B: “Probably.”
S: “Then you’re doing the right thing.”


In other news, guess what I bought yesterday?

How to Talk to Girls by Alec Greven

How to Talk to Girls by Alec Greven


How to Talk to Girls, by Alec Greven is a fantastic look at the finer points of romance filtered through the wisdom of a nice normal 8 year old boy, and contains all sorts of hints and tips for getting that perfectly regular girl you’ve always dreamed of.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the brilliant YouTube video of the author himself describing the work:

And here he is on The Ellen Show:

Love it. :D

Recipes for the Lazy Cook – #002 – Banana Rice

1.) Microwave a bowl of leftover rice
2.) Add some soy sauce
3.) Slice in a ripe banana

I discovered the deliciousness of this banana rice combination this hungry morning. I happened to have some leftover japanese rice in the fridge, and intended to quickly carb it up with some dark mushroom soy sauce and call it a breakfast. Then I looked at my fruit tray on top of the microwave and saw a couple of sad looking bananas that were going spotty. Then decided to slice one into my rice, just for kicks.

Actually pretty good. Nice balance of sweet and savoury.

In Roald Dahl’s autobiographical ‘Going Solo’, about his time in the RAF during WWII, he mentions one of the cooks making a rice dish with bananas (plantains), and this has always stuck in the back of my head as sounding fairly delicious, because Roald Dahl said it was delicious. I think I tried making it once as a kid, boiling the bananas with brown rice, and it turned out fairly miserable and I had to throw it away.

Simple, comforting, delicious. Good discovery. :D

Help Me Remember the Title of a Book!

*UPDATE: 8:14pm* it’s called Galax-Arena by Gillian Rubenstein. Thank you people of the internets!

Help me find this book! I want to read it again and I think I may have given away my copy of it a long time ago.

I first read this book sometime between 1996 and 1998. It was a small paperback novel about 1.5 cm thick, for grades 5-7 reading level. The spine was possibly black. The front cover possibly mostly grey with the title in dark red. The picture on the cover had a shadow of something possibly alien looking and large cube(s?) off to one side, all looking kind of grey and shadowy.

Things I remember:
1.) Kidnapped children kept kind of as performing pets for these aliens/people obsessed with staying young?
2.) Sisters possibly named Isis and Ishtar?
3.) Boy child with a possibly possessed talking toy rabbit who would creepily predict the future “Ishtar gonna die!”
4.) The kids would do circus tricks and they talked about their death defying performances like dropping headfirst on fabric silks to within inches of the ground

And I always wondered how they would do that…the whole dropping headfirst while hanging from a piece of fabric business. It fascinated me for years.

So here I am, finally in an aerial silks class, and I can no longer remember the name of this book.



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