July 13, 2012 – Upon a Mid-Night Awakening

13 July 2012 2am upon a mid-night awakening

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray in dreams my soul will keep
And if I die before I wake
I pray my dreams will forever take
Me to nowhere land

Where never before
Have dreams come true
What is truly nonsense
Feels like nothing new

Where everything that ever was
Will stay that way
And foggy days seem
just yesterday

That sinking feeling falling
Freely backwards heels overhead
Oblivion a twitch too close
Reality a hair too real

Fend off the predators
Fall madly in love
Make the unlikeliest of friends
Or all of the above

Such that it can’t be true
I would never believe you.

Just synchronization
Of day and night
Dear, it is alright
Dear, it is all right.


June 17, 2012 – A Dream of Clarity

6:30 am

A dream of clarity
I value art and perspective and respect strength in creation
Art will be with me wherever I go, the lover I hate but always I go back for more
I fear indifference more than fear or hatred
I feel loved and want you to feel love too
Let’s walk together and talk together and drive in cars without drivers
Let’s see the world for what it is, the neighbourhood of our creation
Let’s remember the things that make us good and put the rest to rest
Let’s fly a little and imagine more and more I will understand.
Let’s smoke and walk and drink and talk and feel what ought to be felt
For the time draws near when no more will appear
And then I will be old
And forget
And you will have to remind me
You will have to hold my hand
And tell me why you love me.


October 30, 2011

1:28 am

My womb is empty
My hands still warm
Purchase complete
No star to be born
Arms go numb
From laying on them.
A sad reality
Another month gone
No husband beside me
No one to mourn
When it sets in
We all will die
How will I die
How will I live
My child will choose
The time of night
The day the hour
For its first flight
To far and back
Yes it is all planned
Set in stone still warm
Not fully formed
The cry in my heart
The grief the keen
The cough the ash
of things unseen
A spore released
Well meaning or not
It came out wrong
All for nought
A new beginning
A wish come true
Unsure I am
Between me and you
I’m dripping melting away
Like wax of roman candles
Dusty and grey
Smile freely yet sadly
Another month gone
When the time is right
Another will come
In the dead of night
You will feel the wind
Another one missed
Another will win.

I’m Afraid

I’m Afraid

I’m afraid that it’ll be cliche
I’m afraid that it won’t be art
Maybe i’ll never be
The centre of controversy
Public enemy number one on the hit list
Something remiss? The look in your eye says
You’ll never be the first in line to buy
Because it’s just not good enough to be
Art, I’m afraid…that it’ll be cliche.

a good sparkling muscat

there is a bottle of sparkling muscat by my clock
that reads, almost one
dark. inviting. wrapped in pink foil.

rimmed with gold.

pop a cork in one ear and out the other
that’s the way we dance around
the mulberry bush
joyfully seeking pleasure
knowing where to find it
trying to resist it
knowing it will make us sick

tomorrow crying into the phone.

it was on impulse that i purchased you,
you were pretty and came highly recommended
at an honourable establishment
you were chosen for me by
one who had already tasted your pleasures.

they say you’re bubbly.
they say you’re sweet.
they say your fragrance is intoxicating.

and there you wait for me,
and there I will keep you,
bottle of sparkling muscato
Il vino dell’Amore,

my love,
by  the clock that reads a little past one.

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