Achievement unlocked! I’m Going to SPACE with @SFU and @csa_asc

So this happened on Pi Day 2014:

Pi day 2014 - shoot day for the SFU semester in space spoof promo video

Pi day 2014 – shoot day for the SFU semester in space spoof promo video

Then this happened on April 1st, 2014.


Then the Canadian Space Agency retweeted it.

What a fun project.

Some of the vid got broadcast on Global BC as part of the feature on April fool’s jokes too.

Met some stellar (haha) folks at SFU Creative Services along the way.

Actually fooled a bunch of my friends, a few professors, and my poor dad.

As my brother said in a message the next day, “So…Dad legit thought you were going to space.”

Sorry, dad.:)
But it sure is awesome to at least get to legitimately pretend.

July 5th, 2012 – Rough Cut

So I got to see the rough cut of FANTOMES for the first time today. Weird. Just cannot get used to seeing myself on camera.

So the one liner description of the film goes something like this: “Fantomes — about a black ops agent dealing with her unexpected pregnancy while on a routine job with her partner. Directed by Nik Green of Global Authority Media. Produced by Nik Green (Global Authority) & Yvette Lu of Rainfield Films. DOP Shane Smith of Red Salt Productions.”

And back to real life, where though I am not editing the film, I am still editing video for my project at the LABlab. EDIT ALL THE THINGS!!!

And now, a screenshot of my character, Amber, looking pensive:

FANTOMES: Amber | Global Authority Films | Rainfield Films | 2012

FANTOMES: Amber | Global Authority Films & Rainfield Films | 2012

June 25, 2012 – Leaving Her Behind

5:30 am

Someone asked me this weekend whether it’s harder to get into character or get out of it. I said into. But now that it’s over, definitely out of. Fuck, she just doesn’t want to die. She’s afraid of dying. So afraid. Her short life keeps flashing before my eyes, making me relive every wonderful moment with painful clarity. I’ll miss her so much.


June 20, 2012 – Where Have You Gone?


Where have you gone?

I looked and you weren’t there. My dark side, my other self. There’s a gaping hole where you once were but there is no wound, just more like an empty socket. Like you just crumbled into dust one day and suddenly fell away. And in its place a sudden wellspring of love and positivity that just keeps bubbling all hours of the day and night. I see everyone for their best intentions, I see the good in everyone. Unencumbered by stress, sadness, anger, despair, resentment, pain… That’s also true. Suddenly i am pain free. Perhaps that is part of the miracle I don’t understand. Happy. All the time. Like a shift in equilibrium. The thermostat’s at a different setting. Not ruffled by much. The only tears I’ve shed in recent memory are those of happiness or upon encountering beautiful tragedy.

So this is what it’s like to be happy. it’s so new and unfamiliar and I hope the feeling lasts forever.

I want the best for you and you and you and even if I don’t really like you I want you to be genuinely happy

I don’t understand what’s going on but I’m here for the ride. Life, take me where you may.


March 8, 2012 – 2nd Half Redemption

The second half of today redeemed the first half. Most definitely.

Woke up with that vague neck/headache that often foreshadows a migraine. Couldn’t focus. Had that ‘so tired my limbs are going to fall off’ feeling. Showered. Did breakfast. Went back to bed. Read a little bit. Then slept. And I think I must have been trying to scream in my dreams because I woke up with a sore throat of not the sick kind. Huh.

Managed to find some clothes that didn’t match, left the house with no socks and no sweater on top of my tank, beneath my coat.

This is where it gets good.

Got to my class (lab) in surrey. Checked my email. Found out I got the VPR USRA (vice president research undergrad student research award…or something like that) for summer 2012. Which means I’m going to be making some money doing useful stuff over the summer. Which is excellent.

Went shopping at the surrey mall between classes to find some kind of covering shirt because my tank top only thing was ridiculous. Ended up finding an awesome $7 shirt at sirens. one of those loose flowy shirts that’s super loose yet immediately elegant and comfy. Good find.

Went to lecture. They showed my project 2 in sound design class critique as one of the good ones. Highly embarassing and unexpected, but awesome. Although in my opinion that project deserves no more than 12/15 …being generous.

Went to circus. Headache still present. Bought Advil. Took Advil. Bliss ensued.

Static trapeze coach started me on The aerial hoop tonight (thus far i’ve only been on the trapeze) with the Ovo, man on the moon, and two variations on the mermaid. Also learned the inverted planche and straddle mount (as opposed to the pike) on static. Awesome.

Then swinging trapeze class! Coach gave us horse wraps (padding for our feet!) which turned out to be incredibly awesome! No more random rope burns from ankle hangs! Apparently got the jitters out of my system in static class, so swinging was a lot less tense and sweaty than it usually is. Got my hop off on the first try, and learned the full angel sequence. Also worked on releasing into my knee hang because I fell off (we’re harnessed so no biggie) doing it in my first class and since then I’ve had issues letting go (haha)

Then trekked up the hill to SFU Burnaby for the Rowing Team’s no pants pub night.:) gave $10 instead of $5 at the front door…with the caveat that nobody would try to twist my rubber arm into drinking…(once I start it’s kind of hard to stop) and so stuck with my diet coke and lime. Which is super awesome because I’m going to be totally functional and less fat (so many calories in alcohol) tomorrow!

And now because I’m home and decently caffeinated and well socialized and adrenalized from all that trapezery and headache free to boot, I’m going to go work through a bunch of MAX/MSP tutorials and try to figure out how the hell I’m going to build my final project for sound design class.

12:27am. It has been a really good day, even if the first half of it was wasted feeling ill. This rambling post has been brought to you by WordPress for iPhone.

March 1, 2012 – The Hunger Games

This is a pretty cool social media hype generating arts and crafts promotion for The Hunger Games movie coming out on March 23, 2012.

Hunger Games District 5 ID Power Maintenance Beverly Wu

Hunger Games District 5 ID : Power / Maintenance

Happily, I’m much too old to be chosen as a tribute.

Oh and if you click through to FB after generating your ID, you can order your free physical copy off of CafePress. Why not?! Use code VIPSHIP to get $1.25 off shipping (ie. free shipping in the USA) or in my case, paying $2.75 for shipping to Canada via Canada Post.

I wish more movies did this.

Jesus Hopped the “A” Train Review – March 10, 2011

So Steve and I went to the preview showing of Jesus Hopped the “A” Train at Pacific Theatre tonight. It was pretty good. The two main characters (the prisoners) were awesome. The lighting & sound & stage design were really good too. Kudos. Best show I’ve seen in a while…theatre’s sort of hit and miss that way.

Okay, and here’s the part where I can’t help but be brutally honest…but I don’t aim to criticize, only to say how it looked and sounded from an audience member’s perspective in absorbing the show:

Unfortunately, the dialect work for the lawyer character was pretty weak. It’s a cruel lesson for all y’all actors out there, but if you’re going for a New York accent, please make sure it’s 95%+ consistent. I don’t care if your character’s father was first generation Irish American, please do not 1.) mix the unconvincing New York with an Irish lilt, 2.) raise your vowels such that you sound kind of east coast Canadian, 3.) use straight vowels where there should be gorgeous diphthongs, and 4.) rhotacize your Rs where they shouldn’t be rhotic.

When a character’s dialect changes a few times within the same sentence, it becomes very distracting and makes it hard for the audience to get a good handle on the character. As a result, the lawyer character didn’t come across as convincingly as the script demanded. At this point I think the director needs to tell her to drop the dialect altogether and just go general American.

Good preview show, though, and as it runs from tomorrow till April 2nd, they should have some time to work out some of the kinks. There’s a lot of potential, and the cast is just a couple of steps away from the sort of magic that’s going to blow this script right out of the water. Hit it hard, kids. The material can take it. The audience can take it. So give it.

Final opinion: More good than bad. Go forth and watch it. 80%.

Show and ticket details at:

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