If you must, you must.

beverly_hannah // at // sfu // dot // ca for linguistics/school/research related enquiries

beverlywu // at // gmail // dot // com for everything else

Would love to hear from you and not the spambots.

or follow/mention/DM me on Twitter @beverlywu.
or FB me if i’ve actually met/worked with you.
or knock on the door at the Language and Brain Lab at SFU Burnaby.
or knock on my office door, RCB 9220 at SFU Burnaby.

Really. I’m quite easy to track down.

Oh and if you have to find me on a street corner somewhere, on a good day I look like this:

Megami: Search for the Gods (2010) Photo: Caroline Chan

I’m on a horse.
And that is a fake foam prop gun.
In fact, I know neither how to ride horses nor how to shoot guns.
Furthermore, I’m generally quite anti-gun, and usually take public transit or drive the family Prius.
This picture is from an indie film I was in.:)

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  1. Tara Jean Stevens
    Mar 29, 2012 @ 13:24:46


    Holy Crap! Thanks for the furious-blog on Qualico and their Groupon deal yesterday.

    I co-host the “KIAH & TARA JEAN” show on Virgin 953, and I was so excited about purchasing the deal yesterday I talked about it on the show. Then…I got slammed with feedback from listeners who said it’s all a big fat rotten scam…or at the very, very least a highly unreputable company!

    I have just sent a complaint email to Groupon, asking for a refund and an explanation of their involvement with Qualico.

    Thanks Again for letting your fury spill into written word to be shared with us all!

    Tara Jean


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