I feel so guilty, and absolutely ridiculous for feeling guilty, and absolutely ridiculous for feeling sorry for myself for feeling ridiculous for feeling guilty. Or something like that.

Nevertheless, I must unapologetically spew forth some quantity of digital ink in an effort to rid myself of the sprawling octopus on my face that is preventing me from getting work done.

I feel guilty for sleeping.
So much so that the dreams of my night-sweat, tortured, fragmented sleep consisted of nightmares, exclusively.

These nightmares included some very literally figurative scenarios where my professors were yelling at me for not getting work done.


Despite the very likely potential of this blog sounding like a recycling depot for sad, cracked vinyl, my situation, yet again, is this:

This February (essentially the past three weeks), my poor daughter has had:

1. A nasty fever/cold/cough (I got the same one – it knocked me out, energy-wise, for pretty much two whole weeks)
2. Stomach flu (not FLU, just several days of vomiting and diarrhea)
3. Oozy/sticky/yellow eye discharge (what daycare calls pinkeye, despite the whites of her eyes not really being pink)
4. Another cold/cough (yes, I got this one too…different from #1, and is the one that is currently causing me grief).
5. Four molars cutting through at the same time (she’s not an easy teether, but thankfully the top two just poked through – her top left just poked through this morning)

So she is truly miserable, I am miserable, and I am not getting any work done. I took two days off last week to take care of the non-daycare-admissible kiddo (my non-class get-shit-done work days!) and time off during reading week as well the week before. As it is currently Sunday, noon, I have one paper basically overdue (if not for the extension generously allotted by the professor) that must be handed in in <24 hours, and another one due in ~48 hours. The first one is not done yet, the second is not started yet.

As you can see, this is a bad situation.

But the main thing though, is that I feel guilty for sleeping instead of working…which is completely ridiculous. Common sense and all reasonable medical advice I’ve encountered since the mid-90s dictate that when one is sick with some sort of medicinally incurable, but self-limiting viral infection, the quickest route to recovery is plenty of fluids and rest.


So why do I feel guilty for sleeping? I absolutely need to sleep. Being too sick to properly take care of my kid during the daytime means I really need to sleep at night, right? And with the kiddo up screaming and/or nursing half the night, I really need to sleep when I can.

So I slept last night. And the night before. And the night before that.
Each night, feeling progressively more guilty for not waking up in the middle of the night to get at least SOME work done.

And haven’t really gotten any work done on these papers.

So I feel guilty for sleeping.

This is ridiculous.

And the work I am going to hand in is embarrassing.

Embarrassing does not feel particularly good, nor is embarrassing work good in any way.

As one of my classmates put it, February just sort of…exploded.

No kidding.

On the plus side, a 1 year old is WAY more fun (when she is feeling semi-well) than a fussy 0 year old. Also, I finally decided to seek treatment in January for longstanding depression that has over the past year just become a bit too much to deal with on my own with the added stressors of motherhood and grad school, and am generally feeling quite a bit better and am more able to be joyfully present and in the moment on a day-to-day basis. Despite the horror stories of the side effects of antidepressants, they’ve done only very good things for me so far, and I feel like it’s something I should have tried a long time ago. Also, my migraines are back to status-quo (a couple times a month, compared to last semester’s every day/every second day situation). So not everything is bad. Also, it’s snowing today and I’m feeling cozy even though I’m sick and stressed out.

July 13, 2012 – Upon a Mid-Night Awakening

13 July 2012 2am upon a mid-night awakening

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray in dreams my soul will keep
And if I die before I wake
I pray my dreams will forever take
Me to nowhere land

Where never before
Have dreams come true
What is truly nonsense
Feels like nothing new

Where everything that ever was
Will stay that way
And foggy days seem
just yesterday

That sinking feeling falling
Freely backwards heels overhead
Oblivion a twitch too close
Reality a hair too real

Fend off the predators
Fall madly in love
Make the unlikeliest of friends
Or all of the above

Such that it can’t be true
I would never believe you.

Just synchronization
Of day and night
Dear, it is alright
Dear, it is all right.


June 29, 2012 – Poisonous Sleep


Now what? Awake again, another crazy dream, another gray morning. And reality is just so much paler than the conjurations of the overnighting mind. To be released finally: a relief. The hangover: a reality. I feel like shit, as if the sleep had poisoned my blood, leaded vapors permeating my precious blood brain barrier.


June 17, 2012 – A Dream of Clarity

6:30 am

A dream of clarity
I value art and perspective and respect strength in creation
Art will be with me wherever I go, the lover I hate but always I go back for more
I fear indifference more than fear or hatred
I feel loved and want you to feel love too
Let’s walk together and talk together and drive in cars without drivers
Let’s see the world for what it is, the neighbourhood of our creation
Let’s remember the things that make us good and put the rest to rest
Let’s fly a little and imagine more and more I will understand.
Let’s smoke and walk and drink and talk and feel what ought to be felt
For the time draws near when no more will appear
And then I will be old
And forget
And you will have to remind me
You will have to hold my hand
And tell me why you love me.


Feb 19, 2012 – Womanism is Confusing and Traumatic

Womanism is confusing and traumatic.

In this quest to decrease the incidence of migraine, I am now off hormonal birth control.

Ovulation was weird.
Retaining water is weird.
Now I am super hungry and unable to stick to my diet.

Woke up with a vague fuzzy head/neck ache today.

Dreamt like crazy: at a random stuff exchange, I traded for a personal rain machine, which was voted the most useless invention of the year but one I thought was pretty awesome. When was the last time you really enjoyed a good drenching cold rain? I never do, but in this dream I did. I really did. I destroyed other people’s electronics, flooded every room I was in, and had a grand old time.

Couldn’t get out of bed till 11am.

It didn’t go away and just got worse.
Finally decided to cut it with 2XS Advil in the afternoon.
This time it worked. Thank goodness.

My limbs feel so heavy like they’re about to fall off.

And the whole super emotionally sensitive crying at stuff thing is starting.

Premonitions in Dreams…that come true! :)

So it’s really silly, but it’s kind of fun when you dream something and then wake up and it comes true.

Today I fell asleep before the Canucks game, and right before I woke up, dreamt that they were up 4-0 at the end of the first. Then I woke up, and as I turned on the TV, air horns went crazy and I could hear people cheering in my neighbourhood.

I switched the TV to the game though it wasn’t the end of the 1st (It was already into the 2nd period), WOOHOO! The Canucks had just scored to make it 1-0. Kesler at 9:16 of the 2nd period!

Then they scored another goal almost right away! Salo at 10:55 of the 2nd period. 2-0. WOOHOO!


Then in the 3rd period THEY SCORE AGAIN! BURROWS at 5:43 of the 3rd!

YES. That made it 4-0 Canucks. Oh. My. 

The Sharks then went on to score 2 goals, but HUZZAH the Canucks are now up 3-1 in the series! One more win and we’re on our way to the Stanley Cup.

Yay dreams.

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