My Favourite Things. Warning: Mostly Food – February 2011

Once in a while I like to write down a list of things with which I have recently become totally obsessed/enamoured.

1.) Ambrosia Apples. Bastard love child accident between a Golden Delicious and a Jonagold born in BC’s Okanagan Valley, these are especially delicious when in season (summer in British Columbia). In season, the large ones with more green than red on them are excellent. Because of their low acidity, the greener ones just have a better firm, crisp texture instead of being more sour than the ripe ones. Out of season (like right now, February), the big ones can be found but they tend to get overripe. If you see yellow-red ambrosia apples, DO NOT BUY THEM. They will be mushy and you will hate me for recommending these stupid apples to you. BUT wait! I have a solution. Go and search out the little ones (I’ve found Safeway to be a good source). Buy the greenest, firmest ones you can find. They will be 3/4 the size of the good summer ones, and are still grown in BC (look for the BC brand sticker with the little tree). These little Ambrosias seem to have a longer shelf life, and retain their crispness for a good 2 weeks after you buy them from the supermarket. Yes, they will look shiny and waxed as most big chain supermarket apples do, but a good out of season apple is worth eating a bit of wax for, in my opinion.

2.) Tempeh. Tried tempeh for the first time this week, and have wanted to eat nothing else since. Tempeh is a pressed, fermented soybean patty looking thing, without the nasty feet smell of Japanese natto, without the uniform texture (or textureless texture) of tofu. Originated in Indonesian cuisine. Mostly odourless and tastes pleasantly mushroomy, with a good beany texture. It is truly one of the only veggie things so far that would make me not miss meat in a meal (the only other thing being bocconcini cheese, oddly.) The brand I tried is Green Cuisine’s “Tempeh Burgers”, found at Donald’s Market in New West. I’m going to hit up an asian store and see if I can find something cheaper.

3.) Thai Basil Pesto. Okay. I’ve blogged about this one before, but really. In lieu of flowers, I would like chopped thai basil sprinkled on my grave on a regular basis, please. So garlicky, so cheesy, so satisfying. This is orgasmically powerful pesto, not for the faint of heart (or breath), but will most likely leave you wanting more.

4.) Shirataki Noodles. The pesto goes really well with those awesome shirataki noodles that you can buy at asian grocery stores. Yes, they have between 0-20 calories per serving (depending on the brand). Yes, they’re all soluble fibre so they’re good for your digestion and blood sugar. Yes, it will help you lose weight. Yes, it’s the same stuff in PGX weight loss granules/pills except that you get to EAT THEM (muahahahaha) and have soluble fibre be DELICIOUS. Yes, you don’t have to cook them (just drain and rinse). Find them at asian grocery stores (T&T, H-Mart) in one of the refrigerated aisles – they come prepacked in water. Add some pan fried tempeh to the noodles and pesto and boy you’ve got one hell of a low calorie vegetarian heaven. *UPDATE: MARCH 2, 2011 – just saw shirataki tofu noodles (made from konnyaku and tofu) at my local Safeway, which is new…they didn’t used to carry it. Cool.*

5.) Circus. I haven’t run away, but I have joined the circus. I’m finishing up my 4th month of Aerial Silks classes at Vancouver Circus School (New Westminster location), and I am loving it. Huge workout for your upper body, core, and flexibility. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but go and YouTube Aerial Silks. A couple of my favourite videos: and Yes, those people are really strong and bendy. I’m neither particularly strong nor bendy. But the class at VCS is still awesomesauce and highly unboring.

6.) The Dog Whisperer. Cesar Millan is fricking magic. *Tsch!* I’m going to raise my future children the way he raises dogs. Every episode is like watching a hypnotist do his work. He’s really got a way with them dogs, and I am really thinking that his strategy of “Exercise, Discipline, and Affection, in that order” would probably work really well with children too. (I know it works on me…so…)

7, 8, & 9… Oh and I’m also obsessed with oranges (the big navel ones #4012 are so sweet right now), bananas, and kimchi but those seemed so ordinary that I didn’t feel like making a big fuss about them but yes also good for you and they make life delicious and happy.

February 2011. Aerial Silk at VCS

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