Today’s musings on existence and reproduction while riding the bus up to SFU.

Train of thought:

Beverly reads friend’s post on Facebook, quoting Eckhart Tolle.

How do you pronounce Eckhart Tolle anyway?

Eckhart…is that the same as Aaron Eckhart?

Bet he was a first kid. People like to name their first child starting with A.

Why do people always name their children starting with such common letters?

What about Q. What words start with Q?

Quantum. Hah! I could name a child QUANTUM!

Hmm, Quantum what Hannah?

How about Quantum Object Hannah?

Random Frequent Flyer Dent.

I wish I could. But how would my poor little Chinese grandmother deal with a great grandchild named Quantum Object?

It would sound like “Kontomohdzeh Hehnnah”

And what if it never lived up to its name?


Perhaps I could call it Quasi Quantum Object Hannah.

That’s awesome!

My husband would never go for it.

Maybe I should just get a cat.

Yes, one day, I will get a cat, and name it Quasi Quantum Object Hannah.

Perhaps for Christmas someone can just get me a box and tell me there’s a cat inside!

Yes, that will do nicely.

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